Occultosophia 2016-2020

Dear Readers,

I’ve compiled a handy collection of resourceful notes with topical indexes for anyone who’d like to reach for this blog in a more concise book-like form.

“Take wisdom for wisdom and discard the nonsense”. No one is perfect, and I failed in my hermeuneien (interpretative) travails a’many times. But if you find something of use, something brilliant, unexpectedly illuminating – don’t fail to let me know that I’ve managed to inspire some good things in your natures, ethos and characters.

Please do discard more obnoxious and arrogant parts of my unwieldy personality, I’m a difficult person with a rather tormented past, so at times it may be highly wrathful and self-righteous or even inflated.

I’m aware of my downfalls and they are wholly mine to cure. Please do enjoy this present of mine, “pro publico bono” of experiences that I’ve managed to gather during plenty of years of spiritual, scientific, magickal and occult pathways. I may err at times, therefore repeating the words of princely Siakyamuni: “Doubt, doubt, and see of what use may that be to you”. After all, no one has claimed objective truth, yet “some models are useful”.

– yours,