The two parrots

He received a gift, when a little boy. Two little parrots, male and female. Perhaps to distract the young boy from a distant, cold mother, and a friendly step-father whom did not share any affection in-between each other. The mother wanted a father for the boy, so she married again after the boy’s father left her when the boy was three years of age. The boy oft stared at the parrots, and invented conversations they had in-between each other.

Brutus, the male parrot was grey-blue-yellowish, the damsel parrot, Caecilia was nearly all yellow with hints of blue.

Brutus thus said: Caecilia, don’t you think that his mother should not be coldly silent, when she wants to punish the boy, is it not too cruel?

Caecilia: Ah, ah, but she lost her own love a long time ago, she hated the little boy, because she sees his father in him.

At that point Brutus remarked: But we are here forever, although caged, do you enjoy my company?

Caecilia replied: We are caged, but somehow we are free, for we have each other.

Brutus: What do you think will happen to the little boy, when he grows stronger and older?

Caecilia said: That is not for me to know, perhaps as modern men are, domesticated animals, he will find someone akin to his joy?

Brutus: What if they will be like us, caged not by iron bars, but things that befall men, that is pain and other condemnations of fates?

Caecilia: Dear, even if so he will find company to lift such awful things

Brutus: I already see the future of the boy, yet it is so uncertain, I’m glad that you are here, Caecilia.

After some months, and the conversations that the boy observed, the boys step-father put the cage on the balcony, and he forgot to close the cage.

Brutus said: Caecilia, look we can be free! The cage is open!

Caecilia: Brutus, stay here, we are not meant to be free, you have me, I’ll stay

Brutus jetted through the open cage and was flying for a while, until a crow fell down on his colored feathers and torn poor Brutus to smithereens.

The boy’s step-father realized what happened and closed the cage, bringing it back home, after being shouted upon by the mother of the boy, he was really innocent and he simply forgot.

The boy was sad that Brutus run away and he felt sadness for Caecilia, too, whose feathers fell away, and who grew more unhealthy with each day.

One night, the boy approached Caecilia, when everyone in the house was sleeping and whispered: “I’m sorry that you lost Brutus”.

He turned to the left and saw a feathered half-transparent woman with a beautiful yellow robe embellishing her bright posture with an eerie radiance around her, brightening the room:

“I leave you here, younglet, Brutus is awaiting me, we’ll be watching over you”.

The boy went to sleep, marvelling, the next day he found Caecilia on the floor of the cage, her dead body movelessly silent.

They buried her near the old house, and that’s where she rests.

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