Victims of History, Masters of History

Only those who see the grand history are great historians, only those who can step beyond the present into uncharted territory to mold a new statue of time are reformers, visionaries, revolutionaries. Those poor victims of the time they live in, do they even comprehend how they are haplessly turning, suspended on the wheel of death?

What differentiates a strategist from a tactician is not only his field of seeing, his perspective, but also his command of time. Victims of history may change the grand history, but they do it foolishly, in mass, rarely individually, unaware of the consequences, pulled into its machinery like Joanne D’Arc, being made by history they make history. On the other hand they make history by fashioning people, time, and age, always having a grand sight, a strategem, like Napoleon did.

They do not wish to be carried on the waves of time, they stepped beyond the rivers of Lethe, they pursued and chased Tyche in order to claim their vision, seeing it clearly from the beginning, until the very end.

Giordano Bruno was a victim of history, yet a wilful and engaged one, Julius caesar was a master of history, yet the lady turned her daggers against him.

Indeed, a primary schooling for a magician should be to exit history altogether, but only after its careful study, after detecting patterns, cycles, changes, souls of times and its metamorphoses. Only from this vantage point one may find solace in the Cathedral of Time, silently overseeing and commanding, after the carnal flesh is shed like serpent’s skin, like a cicada, like a firefly that broke it’s egg.

Every magician in its purest sense should be a visionary that is capable of enfleshing his ideas in the world, through hearts, minds and souls, if he loses the thread and collapses into pettiness, he is a headless leader that was elevated to a position of influence and the crowds listen to an idiot, because they ingratiated themselves with status of men of power. They are right because they are powerful, if they are wrong, they are in power anyway, if they are corrupt and ugly – they’re still in power, let’s mumble about it, yell about it, hate it, but the facts and influence remains the same.

People in majority are the victims of the process, they rarely individuate into something profoundly comprehending the affairs of the world, rarely every the affairs of metaphysical grounds. The seamless continuity of the threads they are woven into makes them blind to the alternative of genuine rediscovery of the genius, the ethos, the daimon of their own selves.

From baseless grounds they are not the carvers of their statues, not the architects of their millieus, because they simply lose ground to the processes they are engaged in, that pursue them recklessly into oblivion. That is so.

Do we want more anarchs (a clear Jungerian term)? It would be detestable to think for people of genius that everyone is alike, if it would be so, they would be deprived of genius – excellence among men varies with times, in good times it is difficult to excel, in times of decay, to be distinct in valuable traits, character, excellence of even the worst sort: it is all to easy to be a wiseman among fools, or a virtuous person among degenerates.

Yet this post-modern wiseman of virtue would be a mere beggar in the golden ages that come and go as they please, in accord with waves of socio-historical transmutations and the ideoscope and noosphere of each society.

But being of excellence does not mean stepping beyond time, an ingenius wretch may do so, as history has proven and continuously does. The return to grand history doesn’t happen in fading times,and the final conclusion is thus:

It is the awareness of times, centuries, millenia in societies that is not a dry historical process but a living understanding that represents transformative and regenerative power in societies, it is the lack of this historical acument to live history and step beyond it that permeates the processes, as they go through their own organizational entropy.

When people lose this understanding and live only in the present as it would be forever, the fall happened, they lost memory that characterized Hellenic Eroi, it is mistress Mnemosyne that epitomizes Aletheia, in fact they become the victim of the process that becomes a lacklustre force of dissolution.

In the modern days many are victims of the technological amnesia, they live in the present in an outgrowth of technology, and are all amnesiacs that subscribe to the “power of now”, this power is only present in these who are timeless, otherwise it is hint that ignorants want to remain so.

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