Dialogue: Character sows fates

Fuomo: “I’ve read that spirit of heroism amongst tragedy is coined, that it grows into maturity by hard struggles within, threatened in confrontation, making judgments and decisions that coin wisdom and prudence. You know of my fates, why did I not develop into a greater man, and even if for a short while, my nature turned to great evil and fell under the continuous misfortuness”

Peripsol: “Ah, that this because you lacked direction, you’ve thrown the whole image into disproportion, cacophony, you simply lacked a teacher! But the time you struggled testify for the resiliency of your genii, that is much adored by us”

Fuomo: – “True, good Peripsol, yet how could I find someone who could teach? I have not found a worthy teacher on Earth, in fact I had to turn to heavens to gain audience among the masters and mistresses of centuries throughout”

Peripsol – “Mastership attained with scarce means is better than developed training, character sows fates, young angry dragon, yours was a volatile one, yet did they not admit you to their council, did they not observe you, as they fish out all the nobility that shines in the world, even if for an instance, that must be preserved, for that is a jewel that is in the crown of your life and soul”

Fuomo: -”Yet, the notion of imperfection, obscenity, vulgar filth remains, many lemures and Erynii rode my mind, to the detriment of my growth, as if a malformed tree growing in some barren land”-

Peripsol: -”Yet this tree gave away some fruit, did it not?”

Fuomo: -”Will, if we may say so, I don’t know whether to sign myself under my life, as it is more and more disgraceful, given the staff and kingdoms of invisible worlds that I rallied at first, only to disperse them with awful speeches taken by malignant others in time”-

Peripsol: -”The toughest bark you have, the Gods will build a house out of you, and the fruit may be sweeter than plums from the tree of life, wrong words heard at a small range are cut short by all decency, imagine how cruel words cried at a distance – what havoc and disgust they wreak among many, but now, now, you know all that, your mind is strong, but like a sieve, do not turn it into a wooden bucket filled with filth, it is upright, but it is easily turned left and right. You’ve developed multitudes in your potence by acquaintance with the many, but these multitudes command you, what could free you of this curse?”

Fuomo: -”Well that is the training and perspective and a loyal string between my spirit and the immortal star, but when mercurial twists turn to chtonic whispers and yells, how to remain moderate, if the malleability is already a given, if I stiffen it now, it will Saturnally conjoin at its worst, not its best”

Peripsol: -”You trained well and trained many ways, but all your tools of the trade fail if you do not remember to let go of yourself and from outside sculpt that mind into order and proportion! True, the malignant other will scheme for the potential is there to manifest in actuality, and the commonalities of natures and fates, their differences create motions that are at war, conjoin them above, and put that arrow back in the bow, that is stretched wieldily enough to shoot that spirit up into the celestial spheres! Now, do not linger in your works’ life, as you know it is a continuous manifestation in action, that of act, soul, mind, emotion, feeling, that of rest, motion, ceremony of all the avantgardes of thy art and being!

Fuomo: -”Grateful I leave, master Peripsol, do not leave me when guiding me from above, travelling around the perimeter of the Sun!”

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