Political Decay in Post-Institutional Autocracies

A Fragment from: SCODEL, HARVEY, and Hans Jonas. “An Interview with Professor Hans Jonas.” Social Research 70, no. 2 (2003): 339-68. Accessed December 24, 2020. http://www.jstor.org/stable/40971619.

Political Stream of Consciousness (or con-scientia): After the transitioning period from democracy to populist autocracy, the change is irreversibly leading to personalistic dictatorships or kleptocratic oligarchies. There is no effective transition of power in pseudo-democracies – a system of democracy that becomes corroded and untrusted, turned upside down by its chief corruptors, namely these who bypass and dismount the whole idea of its sustainment for furthering their own ideologies – delegalize the transition.

Transition of power in ancien regime traditions or in democratic elections that are accepted as a legal mean of power transition are preserving the order, yet the Weberian statesmen are nowhere to be found. The transition in pseudo-democracies itself is not legitimate, based on its destruction of institutions that lead to legitimacy. It leads to splintering into competetive power-groups that collide like mafia zones of influence. Political apathy is tied to actual comfort of the domesticated cattle that people became, that is – accepting the state as long as it provides them with satisfactory conditions and allowed dissent.

This does not concern cosmopolitans or people in the upper echelons of resources, but their children will mirror the degenerate age and act upon their links and resources in order to reflect the general animus of the times they’ve created. This is not the age of political animals, but political celebrities, that come and go doing much damage with their personality cult and inability to navigate across the political nuances of setting or reforming an order.

This is an age of political idiots. They destroy with simple solutions, because they can’t come up with sophisticated ones, they are short-sighted and without a grand vision, because they weren’t thought how to gain character in order to lead. The state is rendered dysfunctional and eventually it collapses, unless the economy is sustained – in majority people are excluded from it as the competing interests of power groups rise, or enslaved in a totalitarian nightmare that they readily submit to.

The process of replacement of the core institutional values and pumping up nationalisms has an effect in a cultural complex in depth psychology of the diurnal societal logos, letting undercurrents of the shadow of a given cultural and ethnic complex stream to the fore in its variegated, mutated, oft monstrous, and ridiculous, stupid forms. No amount of political credits, surveillance, mass control mechanisms, societal engineering may sustain a totalitarian order, even with the use of technology.

That is based on one simple tenet: If there is no mechanism to further apt decision-makers and no meritocracy, there are no resources to draw from, and the rule of “ a closed system (fascism, nazism, communism, identarianism, and all forms of identity-based exclusivist politics) that set foundations for the conditions in motions can’t reform itself from within, unless it’s an open system, like a democracy, or a republic”.

If the conditions of such resources are not met, that is a stable political order, respect of justice, law and institutions, and degenerate religious-nationalistic cleptocratic nepots that would like to command everyone to be like the projections of their crippled selves – lead to a political decay and eventually societal decay and civilizational collapse is bound to happen, after being inter-penetrated by mutual influences of the Huntingtonian nightmare.

The ancient Chinese hero was the one who created a cultural or political order that lasts, next in charge was the one who reformed that cultural or political order in order in accord to times, so it won’t decay and destroy the society. The modern day idiots are the ones who destroy the political and cultural orders, with no backup plan apart from a condescending, self-righteous smile of the type “I told you so”, and bulldozing a political and cultural system from within, replacing it with what ordinary thieves would be capable of performing – defrauding the hunt for a better world, after defanging the game in order to kill it without combat and tell everyone they’re they ones to be worshipped.

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