The curse of the swine

There once was a good, great mind and soul that won the heart of all the Gods. Other humans were bewildered by it, not used to such occurences, not knowing whether to seek some hidden malice or mischief in this mind, whether to worship or obey it, follow it or discard it, mock it or destroy it. They were attempting to know his secret, to expose it, to repeat it, to steal it, to understand it, to follow it, to use or abuse it.

They could not be like him, thus they wished: “Let him be like us, and we shall know his secret, of Gods and men”, “for if we will be equals, we will surely know that secret!”.

Their minds and souls were entering his to find comradeship and equality and sought to make the man to their own liking, they all left some of their characters, their traits, their general ethos. Soon, this once benevolent, wise, great man turned into a pig and a wretch, an awful devil, and a hateful maniac, squeeling with anger, or saying awful, cruel, deluded things.

Then the same humans called him “the devil” with disgust, but started worshipping him silently, he was something new. Quickly he became a celebrity, an insane, spoiled, demoralized idiot. They prostrated to him in great joy and humorous laughters and asked: “What is your secret?”

He said: “Ecce homo, I am an archpig that you worship, I am the mirror of your souls, the born gods are as this age, the idols as the state of your souls”. Soon after, he was murdered violently, as he excited envy over his power, fame, sex and wealth, gained over years of being an arch-pig among pigs.

His body and mind destroyed, his soul torn apart by the shades of the dead – the ones he’s hurt, his spirit ascended, the Gods asked:” Now, do you know?”

He regained the beauty, greatness, and excellence of his mind and soul, at first he wept upon returning to the starry home, and then in serpent, winged glory, he stared down upon this world and said so and so: “Aha, that is why none of them ever know the secret”. The Gods replied: “Swine that plays in mud, doesn’t see beyond it, let them play, until a new man or woman will see”. He asked: “Are they all like this?”. The Gods replied: “Only those who are cursed with the curse of the swine, they are so attached to themselves and their petty affairs, and that of others, that they forgot about the stars and mysteries of the Gods”

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