Paideia Theoi: Panta plere Theon

How do you view absolutes?
Horrid terror or heroic beauty?
Endless chasms, or the presence of the world soul?

There is mere human measure,
Of ecstasies, raptures, and intellectual starborne ideas,
I see all views as too naive, to even mention!

To understand beautiful things in postmodern turpism
After painstaking works!

Question of perspective is after all – everything!

One dragged into objective voids,
Another lifted upon wings of glory,
A human being is a fragile monkey,
Their souls run their course,
Rarely becoming something more than ghosts!
Or perhaps I have a desperate view,
Governed by bad experiences few!

To be a daimon or a hero – a rare honor,
Yet some deluded folk already claim godhood!

Not a lifetime of works would suffice,
To be an angeli bonum daimonios

Modern day magicians – all words and no practice
No silence and no belief – just theater or aggrandized

In all due honesty – I joined those clowns,
Just observing the other worlds with second sight

Do not ask me whether the robes of Magna Mater,
Were an Apeiron from which some arche sprung,
From the simple and complete, all Gods were born,
The ereb circles in timeless space, is not time divine solace?

When I swim across powers, I imagine them as ideas,
When I greet Gods, they are the Masks of a Divine force,
Which are omnipresent, lending themselves to our sight?
Which are limited and therefore not liberated Gods?

Anyway – respect and reverie, and love
That is what I put at their altars, that is what
I burn at heart. Whether the fumes will reach the stars,
Well Gods know – they seems to be pleased,
They’re like innocent children, yet profound and good,
Wise and gentle – and mortals approaching them few.

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