Order of the Green Flame

I woke up this morning and seen an ugly face,
I waved at it, but it’s horns didn’t unfang
The trace of blood on my lips, the good things
Slaughtered within me a long time ago,
And all virtue has gone, all benevolence null,
And I smiled to appease it and I’ve seen
A malicious, coldly hateful smile,
Although I was not terrorized, as I should,
I thought: “The evil kin won”
My heart blackened, my serpents venom strong,
I thought about my aspirations and ideas,
The Gods know my history, I toiled in vain,
I looked into the mirror once again,
A pale Nosferatu grinned back at me,
I couldn’t resist but to ask:
“How did you get into me?”
He replied politely with a whisper:
“Too much light attracts darkness,
Before you noticed, you became an antithesis
Of all good things you loved,
You worship shells of your past,
While the inner meat is all rotten,
You shall join us for a feast,
When you part with this life,
And all past is forgotten.
Hatred matures for years,
Love is easy to kill,
Your pain sublimated,
Immortal as you are enfleshed,
Your cruelty unleashed
After you part from this world
With a black undead simulacra soul

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