The Oath MMXVI

In ruin, man know their fates,
In solitude they find solace,
He sat down looking deeply into her eyes
She wanted him since a year,
He put a piece of paper in front of her:
Saying, sign what you see: “I won’t leave you,
If you want to leave me I won’t let you,
If we hit the streets we beg together,
We are ready to assist our suicides,
You will teach me, magister, love me too
For those simple oaths and promises,
I sign here, here, and there,
With kissess of passion and lust”
She never kept any, forgetting about the deal,
Apart from one – she was ready to kill,
But then – she said – she would stop loving me,
So I denied. In the end it all fell apart.
She betrayed unconditional love,
All on paper – I will give her as hell money – signed.
Heavens was so close, yet prying envious eyes,
Dried her lusts and passions,
Gretchen-Margaritari Given to Mephisto,
Faust saved his soul,
Another story, in reverse tone told.

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