Little Wing Saturn

Dear Reader,

Using the Book of Changes as my consultative point, among other authoritative positions from various cultures and civilizations that helped me survive the times of turmoil, I’ve decided to share my experience, and leave some – hopefully not taken for an arrogant enterprise – interpretations. When amongst the ancients, do not fear to talk with them, humans often have more in common than we think they do. Every book is written, compiled, and pondered by a human being, it is the avantgarde of his or hers thought, a standard-bearer of his life’s blood and thoughts. The book is never the human being, oft it is a mere reduction of one’s intellectual, spiritual potency, yet it allows us to look into some intricacies of the other’s mind. If we find some common threads, we may reflect and identify ourselves with them and then re-create and understand in the modern times what the ancients wanted to convey.

I draw from my own experience, as during intense magical psychosis, years of pain and sacrifices, large woes and agonies, as well as swift moments of happiness, my mind was a little “laboratory” of being. Drawing from my experience with other people, attempting to penetrate their minds, and this “laboratory of subjectivity” that turned objective, I’ve been in my mind’s eye an Emperor and a beggar, a star-child, and a downcast mortal amongst countless other personas that changed like images in a kaleidoscope – they were lived to their fullest, both in insanity, light-hearted motions and profound sincerity. Thus in my mind, I have become one and absorbed many identities in a frenzy of madness, the worlds reacted accordingly. As a flawed person, I convey to the best of my abilities this richness of experience, decisions, judgments, assessments, that I have done in silence deep at the throne of my heart, “as if” but “must have”. Living a regular life, a cosmographer attempting to move through social contracts and exploring the inner universe of meanings without falling apart, to reach for heavens is a truly arduous task.

Most of the stanzas are related to the inner temple in these adnotations: thus possession means mastery over self, the government is government over oneself, the throne is the consciousness, heart and spirit, the people and ministers and one’s governed limbs, senses, thought. They are inter-changeable in societal sense, but here I focused on the way of the sage, rather than that of a hero or ruler of men.  It’s a l’etat c’est moi with a state within.