Sacred Chaos

Conceptual Magickal System of Semiotization; „Sacred Chaos”

update: 10.06.2017: 15:51: Anki file with 30 cards was uploaded, it is a mere sketch, however, all cards will be described (223) not as something “absolute” but a mere hint towards possible interpretations: Anki “Sacred Chaos”

The ordering mechanism of the system and a form of a magical synch-computer around which the system of deep semiotization based on personal gnosis, correspondences, and perceived or projected analogies is built around; The cards number 223 in 31 categories in total, and the purpose of the work is to find ‘lockpicks’ or ‘keys’ to the essence or archetype behind the idea, to re-constallate them in given meanings across categories and mine for additional wisdom, understanding, synergy. The cards were not developed for divinatory, but for exploratory purposes, although they may be used as such at some instances. They will be further elucidated upon with time, as this is an experimental project.  I first came up with this idea, when I tried to analyze, solve and absorb certain ideas, problems and conundrums with text only. I was stuck in linear “syntax-based” language logic that shortcircuited me back to the order and logic of the language forcing certain analytical interpretations upon semantics, so I experimented with ideas and concepts, phantastikon, imagination, scavenged my experiences and according to possibility of interpretation delineated certain labels of these ideas, ideals etc. I believed that with certain insight, and comparing the ideas themselves on an abstract, transcendent level, we may come up with new solutions in such a way.

There are two versions of the project, one is image-based, the other one is text based. The image based opens one instance of a window in which upon hitting the button “Substasis” it picks a random card. The greatest results are achieved by opening three instances of the program, separately . The installation file may be downloaded here:


No malware, viruses, trojans – clean installation that is not even modifying the registry.

A small project written in Python 2.7 is shuffling all the conceptual cards assigned to categories and assigning them an ordering number from the I-CHING. Launch the “Menu” after downloading Python 2.7, and for it selection of “Semiotix” button it will generate a brand new cast or set and shuffle in the command line on Win; Download it from googledrive here: SEMIOTIX

The desired output should look like that (in the image version)